Service Systems Thinking

A joint project of the ISSS, INCOSE and ISSIP

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Welcome to S2T wiki – a collaboration space for Service Systems Thinking.

The project was first proposed in January 2014 as A Proposal for Collaboration on a Pattern Language for Service Systems (Science, Management, Engineering and Design) at the Systems Science Working Group meeting. The initial shepherd is David Ing.

Collaboration was endorsed in principle in January 2014 by INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) and the ISSS (International Society for the Systems Sciences), and in April 2014 by ISSIP (International Society for Service Innovation Professionals).

The proposed platform for collaboration was a federated wiki. For expediency, a more mature platform (Dokuwiki) is being used at startup.

Preliminary Artifacts

In June 2014, David Ing has been experimenting with a federated wiki at Contributing authors may be encouraged to similarly follow the Wiki Openshift Quickstart for a personal instance of a wiki that federates.

As a way of learning about pattern language and service systems, we can start with some Historic Works on Generative Pattern Languages.

The first source, originally published in 1968, is A Pattern Language Which Generates Multi-Service Centers (1968).

In July 2014, "Incubating Service Systems Thinking: New frames for collaborating on a pattern language for service systems (slides and video)" was presented at the ISSS 2014 meeting.

In January 2015, "From Environmental Structure to Service Systems Thinking: Wholeness with Centers Described with a Generative Pattern Language" was accepted into the Proceedings of the 2014 Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs.

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