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 +====== 2016/10/21 Conversation on Cognitive Systems and Service Systems ======
 +This one-day meeting is a joint activity of the [[http://​ | International Federation for Systems Research (IFSR)]] and the [[http://​|International Society for Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP)]].
 +The trigger question for the meeting is:
 +  * What changes in service systems will progress everyone towards easily building, understanding,​ and working with cognitive systems in their personal and professional lives?
 +Participants at the meeting include:
 +  * Mary Edson, President of the IFSR, Adelphi University, Union Institute [[https://​​in/​mary-edson-ph-d-28804112|(on Linkedin)]],​ [[http://​​|(at Equipoise Enterprises Inc.)]]
 +  * Gary Metcalf, Vice-president ​
 +  * 
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